What Does Integrated Ecommerce Mean?

| eCommerce

What does integrated mean?

  • Think of it as an extension to DistributionPlus
  • You have control of your website (item description, pricing, item images)
  • Customer specific pricing is honored on website
  • Customers know that they are a preferred customer on your site
  • Customer able to use their credit terms with you on the web (just as they would with a phoned-in order)
  • Real-time quantities are shown on the web
  • Real-time pricing

Benefits of the Integrated Solution

  • One system – no need to have multiple systems for eCommerce and distribution
  • Save time by not having to re-enter orders into the order entry system
  • Avoid errors by not having to re-enter orders into the order entry system
  • Save money by not having to correct mistakes, manually tracking orders, reentering data
  • Increased customer service by allowing your customers to check on order status 24/7 (see related: CSR Online)

Many companies that we speak with are in a situation whereby they multiple systems for ecommerce and their distribution environment. Common reports that we hear are that the process is very tedious and time consuming. Often times, there are one or more people assigned to take care of web orders, because of the time demands taken by having multiple systems.

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