Going Paperless… Can It Be Accomplished in a Small Business?

| Document Management

paper-stacksIf you are a subscriber to US News and World Report, you have no doubt gotten notice that the weekly magazine is going 100% digital rather than the traditional weekly print edition. So now to read your subscription of the magazine, you will need to, presumably, read it online, a special reader that they provide, or possibly on a reader device (Nook, Kindle, or another reader).

What we don’t know is if the publishing offices of the magazine are also going digital. Will their memos, invoices, purchase orders, and other sorts of internal communications now be digital (aka paperless)?

Some markets, such as the medical, are well on the way of becoming paperless, mostly due to HIPPA compliance.

What about other businesses? What about your business? Can businesses shed the old habits of printing by way of going paperless? What are your thoughts?

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