How To Drive More Traffic To Your eCommerce Site

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increase visitor traffic on your ecommerce site

You’ve got a new eCommerce store for your business. Great! Now what? You need some eCommerce traffic.

You need a way to drive more people to your eCommerce site or website. The title of this post infers that there is a concrete way, or set of ways, to drive traffic to your site. The truth is, there is a multitude of ways to drive people to your site, and any of those may or may not work for you as it differs by the market or industry you are in.

There are digital (online) strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO) to get you page listed higher on the page with searches, content marketing (a component of SEO), getting other sites to link back to your site, online advertising, and various social media. There are offline strategies such as signage, advertising, business cards, networking events, and many more. For the purpose of this post, the focus will be on social media.

In a post by Search Engine Land, the author talks about the need to integrate social media into your marketing strategy. People want to buy from a real person. If you or your company has a presence on social media sites, and you are interacting with others on those social media sites, you are establishing the fact that there is more to your company than the business. You are establishing that there are real people there, and people that care.

Social media, with its billions of active users, includes Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and various discussion forums where you can meet existing customers and new prospects. It’s a great medium to build fans and followers.

One of our clients, Park Supply of America, has done a great job in integrating social media in with their business. They offer promotions on the social sites, and they keep their followers/readers in mind by posting helpful tips and how-to videos.

What you must understand is that whatever goes on in social media affects how Google regards your business (as relevant and trustworthy, or not) — and, in turn, affects your rankings in local search results.      – Search Engine Land

Earlier in this post, I had mentioned SEO. If your company is active in social media, the SEO results will be affected as well. Establish a company page on LinkeIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and create relationships with your clients and potential clients. More traffic to your site will be a byproduct of your efforts.

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