Document Management Increases Security

| Document Management

document managementSecurity starts with what prying eyes can’t see.

You may consider your company pretty safe. You shred important documents before you dispose of them. You have a firewall and have taken other security measures to make sure that your system can’t be accessed from people outside of the company. All of those security measures are great and keep your company’s information mostly secure.

What about the printed documents? The physical  reports, memos, and other types of documents that might be sitting on your employees desks, out in plain view.

Now suppose that you have someone other than your employees that visit your company or, say, a maintenance service that comes in the evening hours. Do you really want all of that information sitting out in plain view for these people?

Practice extra security by digitizing your documents (digital images such as PDF files) and sharing them with your employees that way, rather than printing them out for distribution.

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