Make Your Software Work For You Again ERP software for small and medium sized distributors and wholesalers with integrations that take manual processes out of your day

An EDI solution that gives you the ability to perform EDI with your trading partners that require it, without the need to be an EDI expert. The integrated approach through DistributionPlus makes your EDI transactions effortless.

Many leading corporations require EDI from their trading partners, largely because it is a simple exchange and more cost effective.

The DistributionPlus EDI module provides you with an EDI system that allows you to connect with trading partners requiring EDI integration, without the need to leave DistributionPlus.

Outgoing and incoming EDI documents get converted to easily be read by DistributionPlus or your EDI trading partner. No need for any intervention.

There is no need to use Value Added Networks (VAN), making the EDI solution through DistributionPlus very affordable.

EDI forms 810 (invoices), 850 (purchase orders), 856 (advance ship notice), and many more.


Eliminates manual data entry errors

No complex mapping of data required

Low cost solution that avoids expensive value added networks

Streamlines transaction processing

Increase productivity without increasing staff

Easier and more cost-effective to do business with your EDI partners

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I would recommend DistributionPlus to any distribution company that is looking for software to run their business efficiently, and not at a price that is going to break the bank.

Jack Wichterman

Park Supply of America