Out of the Box Software Isn’t Always That Simple

| Distribution Software



Increasingly, we are talking with people who say something along the lines of, “your software will do everything that I need, but I’m wondering if we could also…”,
and then they are off explaining something specific that is needed for a particular customer that they have, or a particular way that they have of doing things. After all, if your business is doing something a little different than most, its something that gives you a competitive advantage, right?

The point here is that you either have to have your distribution software fit your business, or you have to change your business to fit your software. “Out of the Box” software is just that, and is often difficult to “tweak” to your needs.

Now I’m not saying that DistributionPlus is custom software, but what I am saying is that since we are the developers of the software, it is fairly easy for us to change the software  to fit a particular need that a company may have.

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